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A trademark for a device that injects epinephrine intramuscularly in the treatment of anaphylactic shock.
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After learning that her son's epi pen hadn't been moved with him for a third time, and an eight-year-old child, she took the bold decision as just tiny traces of nuts could be deadly.
Tests at the hospital confirmed her allergy and she was advised to avoid crustaceans and always carry an epi pen.
People who normally have angioedema will carry an epi pen with them, and inject themselves with it, but it is better for people to avoid places where bees and wasps are found, because it does cause pain, even if it's not fatal to people." "You need to take a first aid kit to treat wounds or burns, because, sometimes, you may take things for cooking, such as coal, and injuries could happen," he added.
The precedent for patients to personally possess an antidote for a potential medical emergency is not new: Consider people who carry an epi pen to prevent the potentially fatal results from an allergic reaction from a bee sting or certain foods.
She was told that she was minutes away from losing her life and now carries an Epi Pen.
"When people are diagnosed with serious food allergies, they are usually provided with a prescription for an Epi pen for emergency purposes," he says.
and was also told to carry an Epi Pen around with me at all times.
I'd be going to the mall to browse the magazine racks and I'd have to kit up with three guns, four flashlights, five knives, defibrillator, epi pen, rope, carabiners, medicinal brandy, Black's Legal Directory, Physician's Desk Reference, city and state maps, matches, bandages, fighting boots--I was always forgetting something.
"Even though 77% would prescribe an epi pen, we'd want that number to be much closer to 100% in patients with a life-threatening food allergy," Dr.
You don't have a leg to stand on if you just give the patient an epi pen and tell them to keep it with them at all times, and then they get stung when they forgot to carry it and they get laryngeal angioedema, airway compromise, and die," he said.