epicontinental sea

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ep·i·con·ti·nen·tal sea

A usually large, shallow sea that usually projects inland into a continent. Also called epeiric sea.
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In the Darriwilian the area of modern Estonia was covered by a shallow epicontinental sea with little bathymetric variation and an extremely low sedimentation rate (Nestor & Einasto 1997).
"In other words, they must have lived in an epicontinental sea -an extensive but shallow salt water mass-, and it is therefore possible that this area was used as a breeding ground," he concludes.
Bioproductivity rise in the East Baltic epicontinental sea in the Aeronian (Early Silurian).
Holocene Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis in a Shallow Epicontinental Sea. Publ.
The northern Bering Sea is a shallow, epicontinental sea (45% of the area is less than 200 m deep; Nelson et al., 1974; Sharma, 1974; Nelson, 1982).
A shallow epicontinental sea covered the area of modern Estonia (Fig.
In the Early and Middle Ordovician the western part of the East European Platform as far as the Moscow Syneclise was slowly subsiding and covered by a shallow epicontinental sea with comparatively weak bathymetric differentiation.
The Mjosa Limestone formed during the middle Late Ordovician (Late Caradoc) at the western margin of the extensive early Palaeozoic epicontinental sea of Baltoscandia (Opalinski & Harland 1980).
At the time of deposition, the present-day Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Tristate region of Laurentia was covered by a shallow epicontinental sea. The basin exhibited a shallowly dipping ramp, which deepened in a modern northerly direction.