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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the epicranium; as, epicranial muscles.
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Epicrania fugax: An ultrabrief paroxysmal epicranial pain.
Griffith [13] also explained occipital pain on account of eye strain, which may lead to screwing of the eyes and contraction of the orbicularis and frontalis which in turn pulls on epicranial fascia and occipital muscles leading to contraction of these.
Currently, various PNFS, from supraorbital to auriculotemporal nerve stimulation have been reported with successful management of epicranial headaches.
Head: Epicranial suture distinct, antenna long, reaching back to 4th segment, antenno-mere 2>6=3>4=5>1>7; antennomeres 5+6 with microsensilla.
The anterior part of epicranial aponeurosis and its downward extension into the temple were exposed.
4) This group can act as muscular insertion points, such as the epicranial aponeurosis, and as joint linkages and tendinous arches ultimately providing proprioceptive information when tension is exerted.
02); dorsal surface coarsely and moderately punctate, with four to six postocular punctures and four epicranial punctures; distance separating medial interocular punctures on frons about three times as large as distance separating medial punctures from lateral punctures; infraorbital ridge present, reaching postgenal ridge; postmandibular ridge present.
Head orange brown with darkly pigmented frontal spot and well-developed epicranial suture (Fig.
The head is pale brown, the posterior margin and lateral areas dark, as are the epicranial and clypeal sutures.