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 (ĕp′ĭk-tē′təs) ad 55?-135?
Phrygian-born philosopher who popularized the Stoic ethical doctrine of limiting one's desires, believing that one should act in life as at a banquet by taking a polite portion of all that is offered.


(Biography) ?50–?120 ad, Greek Stoic philosopher, who stressed self-renunciation and the brotherhood of man


(ˌɛp ɪkˈti təs)

A.D. c60–c120, Greek Stoic philosopher, mainly in Rome.
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Noun1.Epictetus - Greek philosopher who was a Stoic (circa 50-130)
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Here help is at hand from the Greek philosopher Epictatus who said: ``It is not things in themselves that trouble us, but our opinion of things.
Stoic philosophy can best be summarized by Epictatus (Ellis, 1962) when he proclaimed, "Men are not influenced by events, but by the views they take of events." The Stoics believed that man's rational thinking could be used to overcome the uncertainties of emotions and various problems of existence.
And having mastered one classic language, she set about learning Greek - so successfully she actually translated the Greek philosopher Epictatus while she was also dipping into Voltaire and Rousseau.