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An ancient city of Greece on the northeast coast of the Peloponnesus. Its temple of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, was renowned for its magnificent sculpture.
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(ˌɛpɪˈdɔːrəs; Greek ɛˈpiðavrɔs)
(Placename) an ancient port in Greece, in the NE Peloponnese, in Argolis on the Saronic Gulf
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(ˌɛp ɪˈdɔr əs)

an ancient town in S Greece, in Argolis: sanctuary of Asclepius; outdoor theater.
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"That's driving Epidaurus and Chaldea very fast," replied the physician with a grin.
55-62) And from Salamis Aias, blameless warrior, sought her to wife, and offered fitting gifts, even wonderful deeds; for he said that he would drive together and give the shambling oxen and strong sheep of all those who lived in Troezen and Epidaurus near the sea, and in the island of Aegina and in Mases, sons of the Achaeans, and shadowy Megara and frowning Corinthus, and Hermione and Asine which lie along the sea; for he was famous with the long spear.
The men of Argos, again, and those who held the walls of Tiryns, with Hermione, and Asine upon the gulf; Troezene, Eionae, and the vineyard lands of Epidaurus; the Achaean youths, moreover, who came from Aegina and Mases; these were led by Diomed of the loud battle-cry, and Sthenelus son of famed Capaneus.
So spake the Enemie of Mankind, enclos'd In Serpent, Inmate bad, and toward EVE Address'd his way, not with indented wave, Prone on the ground, as since, but on his reare, Circular base of rising foulds, that tour'd Fould above fould a surging Maze, his Head Crested aloft, and Carbuncle his Eyes; With burnisht Neck of verdant Gold, erect Amidst his circling Spires, that on the grass Floted redundant: pleasing was his shape, And lovely, never since of Serpent kind Lovelier, not those that in ILLYRIA chang'd HERMIONE and CADMUS, or the God In EPIDAURUS; nor to which transformd AMMONIAN JOVE, or CAPITOLINE was seen, Hee with OLYMPIAS, this with her who bore SCIPIO the highth of ROME.
Athanasios High School during an educational trip to Athens and Epidaurus.
We then motored down to Mycenae, where 19th century excavations revealed ancient splendors such as the Beehive Tombs and the Lion's Gate, Europe's oldest known monument, the remains of Agamemnon's Palace and then to Epidaurus, site of a 2,300year-old open air theater which has excellent acoustics, as demonstrated by our tour guide who asked us to go up to the highest seats of the amphitheater to listen to the crisp sound of her tearing a piece of paper several rows below.
The thrust was hexagonal, not a projecting square that we often associate with Shakespeare and was reproduced at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London." Stratford's original (1953-57) protruding stage consisted of seven acting levels and eight major entrances in addition to a balcony, trapdoors, and two vomitoria, inspired by antiquity from the venues in Greece at Epidaurus and in Turkey at Ephesus.
(2) Seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre wird das Konzept, basierend auf Forschungen zu konkreten heilsamen Orten wie der antiken Kultstatte Epidaurus fur den Heilgott Asklepios (Gesler 1993), von unterschiedlichen Disziplinen aufgegriffen (Gesler 1992, Williams 1998, Kistemann und ClaBen 2012, Kistemann 2016).