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a.1.Resembling epilepsy.
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This study will also inform clinical expansion into adjacent opportunities in neurological conditions such as epileptiform disorders and Parkinson's.
The epilepsy photosensitivity model includes study participants who have reproducible generalized epileptiform discharges on electroencephalogram stimulated by flashing lights within a range of frequencies called a photoparoxysmal response.
Interictal EEG changes showed bilateral temporal epileptiform activities with decreased baseline activity.
Electroencephalograph (EEG) did not show epileptiform discharges, but it is not so unreasonable since there are almost 10-20% epileptic patients have normal EEG presentation.
There may be torticollis and even epileptiform fits (Soulsby, 1982).
The late forms of chronic seizures can appear as tonic seizures, myoclonic jerks, infantile spasms, multifocal epileptiform activity, or hypsarrhythmia on EEG.
EEG###Day 1: Moderate diffuse encephalopathy worse on the right side, frequent epileptiform discharges from right temporal region
Focal epileptiform discharges were seen in 40 (37.4%) patients followed by generalized epileptiform discharges in 12 patients.
His neurological condition did not improve with EEG persistently showing frequent generalized epileptiform discharges (Figure 1(d)).
Traditional ideas hold that the hypersynchronous activity is the hallmark of epileptiform activity [6].