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One of two molecules that differ in the spatial arrangement of atoms or groups surrounding only one of two or more chiral atoms in the structure.

[epi- + -mer, isomer.]


(ɪˈpɪməˌrɪzəm) chem
(Chemistry) either of two optical isomers differing from each other only in the configuration of the atoms about one asymmetric carbon atom
(Chemistry) either of two isomers differentiated by the position of the atoms around a single asymmetric carbon atom
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An alternative origin for scyllo-IP6 is epimerisation of phytate (L'Annunziata 1975) and the strong correlation between phytate and scyllo-[IP.
One drop of 6 mol/L HCl solution was added, and the pH was increased from 2 to 3 in order to minimise degradation and epimerisation of tetracycline and its adsorption to silanol groups that may be present in glassware (Sassman and Lee 2005).