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n.1.(Anat.) The upper and outer element of periotic bone, - in man forming a part of the temporal bone.
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Anterior supraorbital margins of frontoparietals barely upturned, forming ah indistinct crest; posterior supraorbital margin somewhat upturned; frontoparietals extending over dorsal area of prootic to level of epiotic eminence; anterior arm of squamosal extending about half distance to maxillary.
Once cleared, gentle cleaning of the ears with a non-irritant, hypoallergenic, anti-adhesive, antimicrobial, pH-balanced ear cleaner such as Epiotic two to three times weekly can reduce the frequency of infections.
The epiotic fenestra is closed by the taenia marginalis, the taenia medialis, the pila metoptica and the pila accessoria.
The ear canals were cleaned properly by flushing with Epiotic Solution (a).
Noting that Moose has suffered recurrent ear infections for several months now, we were interested to learn which products exhibited "100 percent antimicrobial efficacy" against the bacteria and the yeast: Cleanaural Dog, Sancerum, Otoclean, EpiOtic, MalAcetic, and Triz Plus.
Epiotic flanges are restricted to 14 Antillean species and the distribution suggests that neither Euhyas nor Pelorius is monophyletic.
The epiotic eminences are low, barely reaching above the surface of the relatively short crista parotica.