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Legends: cer, cercal plate; distph, distiphallus; ejac apod, ejaculatory apodeme; ep, epandrium; epiph, epiphallus; hypd, hypandrium; phapod, phallapodeme; pregt, pregonite; posgt, postgonite; sur, surstyli) (Scale bars: 0.
These videos, known as Epipheos, are designed to create an Epiphany through video = Epiph - eo.
But though the creature may not survive when released, as a transforming spectacle, the fish offers an epiph any of dignity earned through multiple trials, a dignity the fish teaches the humbled captor.
Montanist Pepouza-Jerusalem and the Dwelling Place of Wisdom, JECS 7, 1999, 491-507 che spiega la <<fascinating>> vision montanista in Epiph.
The Chronology of Montanism, JThS 21, 1970, 404-408, sulla base di Epiph.