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Thirtynine months after allo-SCT, he presented with symptoms from his left ear, and he was diagnosed with an epipharyngeal tumor; biopsies from this lesion demonstrated tumor of myeloid origin (Figure 4).
Laryngoscopy and intubation of the tracheal tube are noxious stimuli and changes in haemodynamics are attributed to the stimulation of epipharyngeal and parapharyngeal region.
[14] extirpated a polyp of an "unusual size" of 8x5 cm by removing antral portion of the polyp applying the Caldwell-Luc procedure, and the epipharyngeal portion was extirpated by using forceps, through oropharynx.
The stylet groove of the two basal segments of the labium was covered by an epipharyngeal projection.
Labrum slender, straight with pair of apical epipharyngeal blades; epipharyngeal carina short, present on proximal margin.
2A): Triangular, basis of epipharyngeal process sclerotized, rounded, triangular, its distal part simple, with sparse transverse corrugation, reaching nearly the apex of 2nd labial segment.
Epipharyngeal angiofibroma is the most difficult lesion in the structure of benign tumors of Ear Nose Throat (ENT) organs (Abyzov, 2004).
Tumor Primary and secondary tumors, of epipharyngeal and parotid region 6.
Sosa et al14 to study the relationship of adenoids and type of malocclusion, took xeroradiographic lateral cephalograms of eighty Class I and sixty-four Class II, Division 1 malocclusions to obtain reliable measures of the epipharyngeal lymphoid tissue, the nasopharyn-geal airway, the nasopharynx, and certain cephalomet-ric landmarks.
The labrum (11) is a relatively large somewhat rectangular plate that extends obliquely and posteroventrally from the frontoclypeal margin between the adnasale that is surrounded by less heavily sclerotized epipharyngeal tissues.
We found that (1) sleep apnea was often associated with mandibular retrognathia, (2) the lower incisors tended to exhibit a retrocline, (3) there were no significant differences in angular and linear measurements in the cranial base between patients with sleep apnea and a control group of 30 nonapneic children, and (4) the apneic children had a narrower epipharyngeal airway space than did the controls.
Figure abbreviations: ac--acrotergite; as--antecostal suture (ridge); br--transverse row of placoid sensilla on epipharynx; c--claw; cs--campaniform sensillum; dst--distal epipharyengal sensilla; dmr--dorsomesal row of setae on lacinia; er--epipharyngeal rods; f--femur; gl--galea; l--lacinia; lp--labial palp(i); mp--mesal pair of labro--epipharyngeal setae; msr--mesal row of setae on lacinia; mxp--maxillary palp(i); p2--2nd pair of labro-epipharyngeal setae; pr--pretarsus; pls--placoid sensilla; prst--prostheca; s--sensorium (accessory sensory papillae); sbp--subproximal epipharyngeal sensilla; st--stipes; t--tibia; tr--trochanter.