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1. Episcopal.
2. Episcopalian.
3. Epistle.
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It is noticed that there are always some EPIs which have large energy ratios in original scenes (the first half of the blue curve in Figure 8).
In this paper, we analyze the variant and invariant features of flat surface in EPI representation and propose an algorithm to detect the flat surface without depth estimation, which fully exploits angular information of the light field and the characteristics of flat surface.
(i) An algorithm to rectify EPI for a flat surface, which can also be expanded to other tasks such as refocusing in an inclined plane.
Recall that the EPI (3.25 %) growth rate is lower than that of the CPI (4.5%), within the period from 2006-2017.
To make sense of the information, the EPI inflation rate can be compared against the CPI inflation rate.
Since the chi-square is also a test of normality, the test can also conclude that the arithmetic differences between the EPI and the CPI from 2006-2017 are not normal and constitute a statistical pattern: the EPI changes fall behind the CPI inflation rate.