1. Episcopal.
2. Episcopalian.
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We previously conducted a comparative study of stem cells reprogrammed in pigs using epiblast stem cell (EpiSC)-like pESC lines derived from porcine embryos of various origins, including in vitro fertilized (IVF), in vivo-derived, IVF-aggregated, and parthenogenetic embryos (Park et al., 2013).
Episc. 1985, Relatio finalis, C, 1)>>: Juan Pablo II, Discurso a los obispos de Estados Unidos de America (16 de septiembre de 1987).
By learning more about the ESC and EpiSC playbooks, Ying and his colleagues can better control stem cell self-renewal, offering hope for patients with currently unbeatable diseases and creating potential for a wide variety of other applications.
Episc. Misiones, Madrid, 1981; Testigos del encuentro, Sigueme, Salamanca, 1981; Oracion y compromiso misionero, Com.
Rather than either Ike or Episc., I would always prefer the most joyful sight of the whole walk--a harsh scream above the cars, outstretched claws, and a blur of azure, as a blue jay hurled itself argumentatively into a tree in the middle of the road, like its ancestors had been doing hereabouts long before even Wickquasgeck.
98 (Ad Bonifatium episc.) 9 (PL 33.364; CSEL 34-2.531); Peter then defines sacrament properly speaking in In IV.
The new apse was erected in February of 1482, and the facade that bears his name ("GVILLERMVS DE ESTOVTEVILLA EPISC. OSTIEN.
episc. Alex: [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Tau][Omega] [Theta][[Epsilon][Omega] [i.e.
INTERCEPT 4.2413 (21.183)(*) 4.5991 (21.242)(*) EDUC 0.1109 (9.523)(*) 0.0914 (7.719)(*) EXPER 0.1288 (9.013)(*) 0.1187 (8.560)(*) EXPERSQR -0.0032 (5.133)(*) -0.0031 (5.155)(*) DEGREE 0.0294 (0.446) -0.0168 (0.263) BAPT -0.0221 (0.524) 0.0520 (1.184) EPISC 0.0505 (0.514) 0.0176 (0.184) LUTH 0.1085 (1.854)(**) 0.0857 (1.490) METH 0.0553 (0.978) 0.0548 (0.993) PRES 0.1185 (1.451) 0.0846 (1.066) ATTEND -0.0753 (2.136)(*) -0.0657 (1.913)(**) LNWEEKS 0.8390 (21.423)(*) 0.7882 (20.705)(*)
In contrast, human ESC rely on fiborblast growth factor (FGF) signalling to maintain pluripotency [14, 15], similar to mouse epiblast stem cells (EpiSC), representative of the postimplantation epiblast.
provided evidence that CRIPTO-1 was a major determinant of mouse epiblast stem cell (EpiSC) and human ESC pluripotency, suggesting an earlier function of CRIPTO-1 than previously recognized in the very first lineage decision made by the early embryo [35].