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n.1.An epitomist.
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If the argument of this paper seems cogent, some Anglo-Saxon poet and riddle-master read either Macrobius or some scholarly epitomizer of Macrobius's glosses on the sun and was similarly impressed; the poet then adapted these ideas in a riddling poem which is both attractive and in some ways still puzzling--a poem that embodies the duality which it celebrates.
(2) One might try to wriggle out of the geographical difficulty by falling back on the statement in the Suda, derived from the historian Hesychius of Miletus (fifth or sixth century AD), that Xenophon's novel originally contained ten books, and argue that incongruities in the text are to be attributed to an inexpert epitomizer who created the five-book version that has survived.
Paul the Deacon is the eighth-century epitomizer of the second-century Pompeius Festus, De verborum significatione.