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Noun1.Epona - (possibly Roman mythology) Celtic goddess of horses and mules and asses
Roman mythology - the mythology of the ancient Romans
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Dyna sut y daeth Epona, duwies y ceffyl, yn rhan o draddodiad hynafol y bobl Geltaidd.
While I was pondering the effrontery of my colleagues and plotting the revenge I would take on my treacherous horse the next day, when I became Lucius again with the aid of the roses, I caught sight of a statue of Epona seated in a little shrine at almost the exact midpoint of the central pillar supporting the stable's roof beams.
Accola, a legal technology and IT services company, today announced the release of Epona s DMS4Legal to the North American legal industry.
It will also feature clothes and accessories from Gossypium, FiveG at Debenhams, Liv, Komodo, Bishopston Trading, Exclusive Roots, Epona, M&S, Tearcraft, Favela, Trash Blooms, Hole Button Jewellery, Skrunch and Made in Coventry.
8 Epping-based nonprofit EPONA (Equine Protection of North America), a nonprofit rescue and rehabilitation facility for abused and neglected horses, recently was the recipient of a $30,000 facility makeover, courtesy of Project Pawsitive, a new reality-based TV show geared at providing eco-friendly renovations to animal rescues in need.
Antes de terminar este deambular por la Espana celtica, incluimos las ultimas interpretaciones que se estan publicando sobre algunos materiales documentados en la necropolis de Numancia, entre los que destacan las fibulas de caballito, los elementos astrales y los de transito o ascensionales y la relacion del caballo con el Sol y la Luna y el culto a la diosa Epona (Jimeno et al.
James Doan observes that the name Rhiannon derives from Rigantona, the "Great Queen," and Epona, the "Divine Horse.
Epona, an ancient Gaul goddess of horses, who lovingly protected horses and stables and kept watch over grooms and carters
Maybe it's the fact that the Epona Ridge horses facilitate personal growth and healing retreats as well as private sessions every bit as much, probably more, than their human companions/ facilitators.
Ultimamente se ha negado que se mencione a Lug-- en la inscripcion de Penalba de Villastar; las Matres; el dios innominado, que el autor cree que es la luna y E Marco, Dio Pater; Sucellus; Cernumos, Epona y los Lugoves Arquienos de Uxama, Osma.