Epping Forest

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Ep·ping Forest

A former royal hunting preserve of southeast England northeast of London. It is now a public park.

Epping Forest

(Placename) a forest in E England, northeast of London: formerly a royal hunting ground

Ep′ping For′est

(ˈɛp ɪŋ)
a park in E England, NE of London: formerly a royal forest.
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In the year 1775, there stood upon the borders of Epping Forest, at a distance of about twelve miles from London--measuring from the Standard in Cornhill,' or rather from the spot on or near to which the Standard used to be in days of yore--a house of public entertainment called the Maypole; which fact was demonstrated to all such travellers as could neither read nor write (and at that time a vast number both of travellers and stay-at-homes were in this condition) by the emblem reared on the roadside over against the house, which, if not of those goodly proportions that Maypoles were wont to present in olden times, was a fair young ash, thirty feet in height, and straight as any arrow that ever English yeoman drew.
The measures have been approved by Epping Forest District Council officials.
Epping Forest is on the border between London and which county?
The branch in High Street will be permanently close on April 15, following the closure of HSBC Waltham Abbey and Epping Forest last year.
Had the Epping Forest Act not been passed in 1878, this walk might have been more like Parkour through residents' back gardens.
A Sherwood Forest B The Forest of Dean C Thetford Forest D Epping Forest QUESTION 3 - for 3 points: Which musical features the song Food Glorious Food?
A dead donkey, a goat and several large dogs were also found dumped in Epping Forest which straddles north-east Greater London and Essex.
EPPING FOREST July 7 On the final UK leg, the Tour de France powers through Epping Forest with a sprint stage that ends at the High Street.
ITV2 sent Mark Wright to a cowboy ranch, primarily to look like an Epping Forest under-10s girls gymkhana rider, for week two of Party Wright Around The World.
NEW TRICKS (9pm BBC1) TONIGHT the team are trying to discover the fate of a man who went jogging in Epping Forest and was never seen again.