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(Placename) a town in SE England, in Surrey: famous for its mineral springs and for horse racing. Pop (with Ewell): 64 492 (2001)


(ˈɛp səm)

a town in Surrey, SE England, S of London: site of a racetrack (Ep′som Downs′) where the annual Derby is held. 71,100. Official name, Ep′som and Ew′ell.
References in classic literature ?
The betting-books were covered with entries of immense sums, as though the Epsom races were at stake.
As a fact, I know (from an Irish policeman who is a friend of mine) that he was found close up to the Epsom Grand Stand--in fact, only hidden by one of the lower doors being pushed back.
A man is throttled close by the big stand at Epsom.
At Epsom races, a matter of over twenty years ago, I got acquainted wi' a man whose skull I'd crack wi' this poker, like the claw of a lobster, if I'd got it on this hob.
Thence I would make a big detour by Epsom to reach Leatherhead.
He did trace them easily to Clapham, but no further; for on entering that place, they removed into a hackney coach, and dismissed the chaise that brought them from Epsom.
Sour, starchy individuals, who all the rest of the day go about looking as if they lived on vinegar and Epsom salts, break out into wreathed smiles after dinner, and exhibit a tendency to pat small children on the head and to talk to them--vaguely--about sixpences.
He is a very nice boy, my Lord, but he is not acquainted with drugs; and I know that the prevailing impression on his mind is, that Epsom salts means oxalic acid; and syrup of senna, laudanum.
It was not a rumbling time of the year, and the gentlemen being most of them gone out of town, Tunbridge, and Epsom, and such places were full of people.
By Jack Haynes THE old racing adage 'there is no such thing as a certainty' will be tested to the max this evening when Ladbrokes St Leger winner Harbour Law is set to be named the Racing Post-sponsored Horse Of The Year at the Epsom owners' and trainers' awards dinner.
The new Epsom railway station will open on Sunday 12 October with a community 'sneak peek' celebration on Saturday 11 October, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder announced today.
ITH PS500,000 in the combined Wpools it is a fascinating Derby Day Scoop6 from Epsom and Musselburgh.