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Noun1.Equanil - a sedative and tranquilizer (trade name Miltown and Equanil and Meprin) used to treat muscle tension and anxiety
antianxiety drug, anxiolytic, anxiolytic drug, minor tranquilizer, minor tranquilliser, minor tranquillizer - a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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He notes, for example, that Hemingway's hypertension medicine, Reserpine, "was later shown to have significant depressive effects." Additionally, Hemingway's physician in Cuba had him on a "daily cocktail of Wychol, Ritalin, Serpasil, Equanil, and Seconal--in addition to the Reserpine." One of Hemingway's later Mayo Clinic doctors noted Ritalin and Serpasil exacerbated Hemingway's depression (242).
Only an unexpected visitor saved me; he called the paramedics when he found me in my bathtub, comatose from an overdose of Equanil. I remember the paramedics carelessly dropping me down two flights of stairs on the way to the ambulance and my wondering whether they were trying to tell me something: Suicide isn't pretty, babe.