Equatorial telescope

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Software Bisque, the world's foremost manufacturer of equatorial telescope mounts for remote/robotic astronomy, has announced its first foray into building altazimuth mounts (and modifying its storied TheSkyX software to control them).
Matt Robinson, a Kielder Observatory volunteer, looks at Jupiter through > a 20" split-ring equatorial telescope.
75m compact split-ring equatorial telescope was built in the SAAO workshops and completed in January 1993.
Again, however, specifics of place have prevailed as the cruciform arrangement has been usefully colonised by exhibition designers Thomas Matthews and linked by A & M's dramatic helical stair, situated at the crossing point where the Thompson Equatorial telescope originally stood.
The Dungeness Lighthouse in Kent - the first 20th century lighthouse in the country - and the Equatorial Telescope in Herstmonceux,East Sussex, which was built to take over the work of the Greenwich Observatory have also both been given Grade II status.
He attended annual meetings and presented papers ranging from thread cutting practice to a description of his patented turret equatorial telescope.
They came into wide use only with the invention of equatorial telescope mounts to track the sky's motion.