Equiangular spiral

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(Math.) See under Spiral, n.
a plane curve which cuts all its generatrices at the same angle. Same as Logarithmic spiral, under Logarithmic.

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Upon ending the process, this program generates a file with the .IBL extension ready to be imported to a CAD program, said computational code is based on the equiangular spiral where programming of said codes helps to reduce design time and improve its precision [10], [11].
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Dispersive or non-dispersive antennas have been commonly used for GPR systems, such as dipole antenna, Bow-tie antenna, TEM horn antenna, Vivaldi or tapered slot antenna (TSA), and equiangular spiral antenna [2].
Bernoulli was partial to the logarithmic or equiangular spiral, which spreads out as it travels outward, like a nautilus shell.
LAC comprises Euler spiral ([alpha] = -1), Nielsen spiral ([alpha] = 0), logarithmic or equiangular spiral ([alpha] = 1), circle involute ([alpha] = 2), and others.
From a theoretical point of view (Maxwell's equations), the planar equiangular spiral antenna is one of the simplest types of wideband planar antennas.
The authors propose to insert two layers of artificial materials, generated by particle swarm optimization, between an equiangular spiral antenna and the ground, in order to achieve both directional radiation pattern and high gain.