a.1.Having the same form; uniform.
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The two times this race has been run on dirt the winner has been one of the few runners to earn combined Equiform pace and final ratings of 130 plus that season over 1m4f+ on a surface other than turf.
A least-squares algorithm for the equiform transformation from spatial marker co-ordinates.
Kamenarovic, The equiform differentiel geometry of curves in the Galilean space [G.sub.3], Glasnik Matematicki, 22(1987), 449-457.
Kamenarovic: The equiform differential geometry of curves in the Galilean space, Glasnik Matematicki, 22(1987), No.
Galileo produced an utterance equiform with this utterance:
In his hands, then, the paratactic proposal involves the claim that every instance of the "that" of indirect speech (every instance of the complementizer) is also an instance of the equiform demonstrative pronoun.
It is simply not plausible that instances of complementizers are instances of the equiform demonstrative pronoun.
However, according to Equiform ratings he's only encountered a very strong pace in two shorter races and won both.
This strong finisher has won all three times he's encountered a seriously fast early gallop, according to Equiform pace ratings, and would have a real shot if there's a battle for the lead here.