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 (ē′kwə-pə-tĕn′shəl, ĕk′wə-)
1. Having equal potential.
2. Physics Having the same electric or gravitational potential at every point.
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1. (General Physics) having the same electric potential or uniform electric potential
2. Also: equipotent equivalent in power or effect
(General Physics) an equipotential line or surface
ˌequipoˌtentiˈality n
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(ˌi kwə pəˈtɛn ʃəl, ˌɛk wə-)

Physics. of the same or uniform potential at every point: an equipotential surface.
e`qui•po•ten`ti•al′i•ty, n.
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Because Adlerian counseling is optimistic, it stresses equipotentiality of growth.
Also, we use equipotentiality condition for the positive electrodes' nodes.
His topics include reflection and self-interference, equipotentiality and current coupling on the ground surface, the manufacturability of product design, differential pairs, and voltage-controlled oscillators.
The Platonic solution of the paradox of morphogenesis is also disguised in the "vitalistic" hypothesis that an embryo is a state of equipotentiality. The great biologist Hans Driesch was amazed by the experimental observation that half of a sea urchin embryo produced the same intergral embryo as did a whole egg, although smaller.
(55) The contemporary anthropologists took up the Boasian assumption of the equipotentiality of all peoples, but they had found new ways and methods of explaining human development.
so many inseparable variations on which it confers an equipotentiality without confusion ...
It is important that we do not misinterpret multipotentiality as equipotentiality.
In contrast, a distributed operation is highly desirable, in such a way that there is at least a relative equipotentiality and an immunity to mutilations.
Much was at stake in these debates--for the concept of culture colored the responses to such volatile issues as the place of the African background in American life; African American equipotentiality; and, of equal significance, attitudes toward assimilation and pluralism.