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n. Law
A bar that prevents a person from presenting evidence contradicting a certain established fact.

[Obsolete French estouppail, from Old French estouper, to stop up, from Vulgar Latin *stuppāre; see stop.]


(Law) law a rule of evidence whereby a person is precluded from denying the truth of a statement of facts he has previously asserted. See also conclusion
[C16: from Old French estoupail plug, from estoper to stop up; see estop]


(ɛˈstɒp əl)

a legal bar that prevents a person from asserting a claim or fact that is inconsistent with a position that the person has previously taken.
[1575–85; < Middle French estoupail stopper]
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Noun1.estoppel - a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled
rule of evidence - (law) a rule of law whereby any alleged matter of fact that is submitted for investigation at a judicial trial is established or disproved


n (Jur) → rechtshemmender Einwand
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Shortly thereafter, Campbell and Micinski filed suit claiming breach of contract and declaratory judgment, later adding more claims, including primary and equitable estoppel, and violation of the Minnesota Uniform Trade Secrets Act.
Equitable estoppel is available if one party through his course of conduct knowingly misleads or induces another party to believe and act upon his conduct in good faith and without knowledge of the facts.
The case also evaluates and decides the issue of how equitable estoppel applies to patent infringement.
Perigo applied a liberal construction standard and injected a judicially-created common law maxim, equitable estoppel, to bar the defense of a statutory time limitation when the defendants engaged in fraudulent concealment.
Equitable lien claims are typically based on theories of either equitable estoppel or unjust enrichment.
This paper explores potential legal remedies, such as promissory estoppel and equitable estoppel, that may offer some of the farmers who lost their land and livelihoods in this manner an opportunity for redress.
As illustrated by the CCM, the IRS is occasionally forced to attempt to bolster its conclusions about uncertain signature authority issues with common law principles of agency and equitable estoppel.
244) Equitable estoppel against the government is a Loch Ness-like mythical creature, posited to exist and hunted by eager aspirants but rarely successfully glimpsed.
Equitable estoppel and in particular estoppel arising from representations which are relied upon to the detriment of a party to whom they were made; and
The board replied, explaining the error; however, in December, Spiewacki appealed that decision under an equitable estoppel argument-i.
Therefore, according to existing historical basis and the principle of discovery, the principle of first occupation and the principle of equitable estoppel in international law, China has indisputable sovereignty over Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters.