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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: analyst - an analyst who studies the financial performance of corporations
analyst - an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions
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Titled The underbanked: an appealing banking opportunity in emerging nations, the piece was written by the five Turner analysts who cover the financial-services sector, including Pablo Echavarria, global equity analyst; David Honold, portfolio manager/global equity analyst; Sorin Roibu, global equity analyst; Mark Turner, president and senior portfolio manager; and Rick Wetmore, portfolio manager/global equity analyst.
William Mack, CFA, an 18-year veteran equity analyst, has returned to S&P Capital IQ as a consumer products analyst in London.
Chris Cooley, an equity analyst with 16 years of experience, recently joined Stephens as a managing director and will lead the medical devise research team.
Peter Wittendorp joins AEW as managing director and head of Asia; Antony Knep, as securities portfolio manager; and Adrian Cheung, as equity analyst.
While three-quarters of the risk managers surveyed said they expected the hard market to last at least through 2005, Prudential Equity analyst Jay Gelb said his analysis of median cumulative price increases from 2000 through 2004 suggests a return to a soft market in 2005.
The purchased assets are comprised of: four subscription newsletters, including The Private Equity Analyst, healthcare and technology editions of The Venture Capital Analysts, and The GP Management Report; four directories, including Directory of Corporate Acquirers; eight reports (Private Equity Fund of Funds Report); two guides; eight conferences (Private Equity Analyst Conference); and five databases (VentureSource).
AI's flagship newsletter, The Private Equity Analyst, goes to the private equity and venture capital markets.
The new site was designed by the editors of AI's Private Equity Analyst and the new online resource offers limited partners and general partners of venture capital and buyout.
Most recently, Kohli worked with Columbia Wanger Asset Management, where he served as a buy-side equity analyst from the period July 2005 to June 2010.
These companies may be trying to capitalize on what is a good equity market," said Todd Bault, an equity analyst with Sanford C.
Wellesley, MA), a unit of Wicks Business Information (Fairfield, CT), has begun the publication of two financial newsletters, including Genomics Investing and The Private Equity Analyst Weekly.