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A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere, between Pegasus and Aquila.

[Modern Latin, from Latin eculeus, equuleus, small horse, foal, diminutive of equus, horse; see ekwo- in Indo-European roots.]


n, Latin genitive Equulei (ɛˈkwʊlɪˌaɪ)
(Celestial Objects) a small faint constellation in the N hemisphere between Pegasus and Aquarius
[from Latin: a young horse, from equus horse]
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This US FDA approval is based on data from the company's Phase 1b EQUULEUS (MMY1001) clinical study, which demonstrated DARZALEX pharmacokinetic (PK) concentrations were comparable at the end of weekly dosing, regardless of whether the first dose was administered as a split infusion or as a single infusion.
According to the company, this approval was based on data from the phase Ib EQUULEUS (MMY1001) clinical trial, which demonstrated DARZALEX pharmacokinetics (PK) concentrations were comparable regardless of whether the first dose was administered as a split infusion or as a single first infusion in patients with multiple myeloma.
Of the sculptural works, Sheila Karran's two stoneware bird baths on wooden stands are attractive and rustic looking, and Cliff Vance's Pegasus and Equuleus made from Portland stone are smooth and serene looking.
The Painter's Easel is a constellation which Louis de La Caille named Equuleus Pictoris in 1752, simplified to just Pictor by Benjamin Apthorp Gould in 1877.
Pegasus is home to M15, a globular cluster that lies on the constellation's western fringes close to the border with Equuleus. At magnitude 6.3 it is an easy object in binoculars but to resolve individual stars requires a telescope aperture of at least 120mm.
John Spearing, trainer of Equuleus Pictor "He disappointed over course and distance last time and I don't know why.
It can be extended by the bordering constellations Eridanus (River) and Delphinus (Dolphin)--though the latter is separated from Aquarius by the small constellation Equuleus (Little Horse).
Equuleus Pictor (5.00) is well treated on the pick of last year's form and showed enough when a close fourth at Catterick recently to suggest he can regain the winning thread for the John Spearing stable.
At Southwell, Equuleus Pictor can build on a promising recent run in the Bet totepool At totesport.
MERIDIAN'S YANKEE Six doubles four trebles and an accumulator: Big Fella Thanks (1.00 Newbury, nap), Reve De Sivola (2.05, nb), Equuleus Pictor (1.20 Southwell) and Clear Reef (1.55 Southwell).
At Southwell, Equuleus Pictor can build on a recent run in the Bet totepool At totesport.com Handicap.