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A Chinese stringed instrument that is played with a bow and has two strings stretched from a small sound box along a long thin neck. Also called Chinese violin.

[Mandarin èrhú : èr, two (in reference to its two strings) (from Middle Chinese ri`, from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *g-nis; akin to Tibetan gnyis and Burmese hnac) + , peoples of Central Asia (in reference to the instrument's Central Asian origin) (from Middle Chinese xɦuə̆).]


a two-stringed Chinese musical instrument
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Afterwards, Mr Adi Lau put on his musician hat and delighted the crowd with a duet Er-hu performance with the famous Er-hu artist Ms Hsin Hsiao-hung.
He stays with a family of musicians - Miss Xa, a singer with the Peking Opera, and Mr Yu, who teaches the er-hu, a kind of traditional Chinese violin with a very distinctive twang.
Heading up the concert series on Saturday, February 20 is the nation's most sought after cellist, Ben Hong presenting a diverse program of "Classical and Jazz" with the David Benoit Trio and musicians of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra followed by one of the major voices in today's chamber jazz scene, Er-hu and premier violinist, Meg Okura, performing for the first time with the David Benoit Trio on March 20.
Electric Violin & Er-hu Virtuoso, MEG OKURA with the David Benoit Trio