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n.1.The earth.
Erd shrew
(Zool.) the common European shrew (Sorex vulgaris); the shrewmouse.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Hong Kong-based payments and cryptocurrency platform, has announced it has listed Binance Launchpad token, Elrond's ERD to its app, the company said.
Others have found that using direct pharmacological manipulation of GABA-A receptors, while not having direct effects on ERD or PMBR, results in a general increase in spontaneous beta, which in turn predicts ERD and PMBR [20].
A laterality index (LI) [50], describing the contrast in amount of activation (i.e., ERD in alpha and beta bands) between the right and left hemisphere, was calculated during all movement tasks according to
Preferential Buyers Credit (PBC), limited tender for projects under Chinese government loans will also be discussed in the JEC, ERD officials said.
Theta band: ERD/ERS analysis in the Theta band (see Figure 1 and video in the supplemental material) revealed that Type 1 performance was mainly characterized by lower ERD and higher ERS in the bilateral prefrontal and temporal areas during T1 and T2, which also involved the fronto-central and parietal areas during T3.
State-owned MENA reported that the two consultancy firms set to supervise the project are French and Dutch.They are to carry out studies of ERD's possible effects on the accessing of water by the downstream countries.
In the ERD report to Tugade, Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corporation (PSPC) topped the export volume with more than $1.929 billion in 2013 compared with its import volume of over $1.585 billion in the same year.
If, as a result of MI, the ERD of the mu rhythm was detected, control command to trigger previously selected FES pattern was released.
Diagrams created by this process are called Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) (Chen, 1976).
Think of major Wisconsin manufacturing companies Briggs & Stratton, Mercury Marine, and Kohler[R] Engines as the crank shaft, pistons and valves that are turning Moraine Park's ERD program into a hub of top-notch education and training.
We hypothesized that ERD would reflect the cognitive activation generated by deception, because EEG alpha power is known to desynchronize when individuals are mentally active.
Kushwaha said the Middle East is a huge market for ERD Global, which makes covers and chargers for smartphones, due to the high penetration rate of smartphones.