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(ˈu rʊk)

an ancient Sumerian city near the Euphrates, in what is now S Iraq. Biblical name, Erech.
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Alban Gautier proposes that the details and iconography surrounding one incident in Aragorn's path to kingship may be traced to a similar event in the life of King Alfred the Great--specifically, Aragorn's gathering of allies at the Stone of Erech and subsequent rapid troop movement to take back the harbor at Pelargir.
Classical Unities: Place, Time, Action, textes reunis par Erech Koch.
A major factor of this process was the rise of the city of Uruk (modern Warka, or biblical Erech, situated approximately fifteen kilometres north of modern day Samawa in southern Iraq), which most likely was the cultural, religious, and economic centre of the Sumerian civilization.
Though readers have seen him through the Paths of the Dead as far as the Stone of Erech, we are not much better prepared than Eomer to know who is in the black ships when they appear during the battle; we may share in his despair ("hope died in his heart") and certainly in his "wonder .
The beginning of his kingdom was Babel, Erech, and Accad, all of them in the land of Shinar.
Here flourished the earliest ones known to history, the Sumerian city states, such as Uruk, the Erech of Genesis 10:10.
Goldberg, supra note 106, at 252 (citing Joseph Engel, BEIT HA'OSAR, erech av [The Treasury] [section] 12, Pt.
17, 1994) (not releasing athlete from NLI when head coach left the institution); Erech Cotton, Williams Eager to Start Over, CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL, Aug.
En uno de los mitos "Inanna y Enki: La Transferencia de las Artes de la Civilizacion de Eridu a Erech (Uruk)", se relata como la diosa Inanna astutamente se apodera de los me (aprovechando el momento en que Enki ha bebido demasiado) para transportarlos a la ciudad de la que ella es patrona, asi se convierte en la reina de todos los me.
the Sumerians, a non-Semitic people, built important cities like Kish, Erech, and Ur (in the Bible, the original home of Abraham) in southern Iraq.
A Man on Foot Andrea Manni Italy Mashe'hoo Ba'al Erech Dorit Hakim Israel Mr.
beer formed part of the daily wages for men building the Temple Of Erech in Mesopotamia.