Erecting shop

(Mach.) a place where large machines, as engines, are put together and adjusted.

See also: Erect

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But the Horwich Loco Works erecting shop will be demolished despite an alternative route being put forward by a heritage group.
In the 1870s further construction provided a paint shop, joiners shop and erecting shop from which latter in 1879 and 1885 the Fairlie double engines "Merddin Emrys" and "Livingston Thompson" emerged as entirely own designed and own built machines.
Plus the higher structured Erecting Shop the East End of which housed the final assembly of Turbines along with high pressure steam services required for full test bed operation.
The foreman of the adjoining Diesel Engine erecting shop was Alec Wilson and I still recall the name of his predecessor and the respective foremen in most of the other workshops, offices, and stores departments that existed then.
Two long ranges of workshops were constructed to the west of the railway line, and the first became the erecting shop with completed vehicles being hoisted out by overhead crane.
Part of the new engineering centre will be located in the cathedralesque erecting shop with its stunning row of some 20 vast arched windows just awaiting a reawakening.
"New ashing out pits will be provided and a travelling crane will enable Garratt boilers to be removed for maintenance in the erecting shop.
Erecting shops like the ones being demolished costs up to 10,000 SSP, (US$2,262) owners claim.