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We would like to thank an anonymous referee, Jack Broughton, Bill Christie (Editor) Grigori Erenburg, and Clas Wihlborg for various readings of the paper and all their comments.
Nine times out of 10, when an employer requests confidentiality, it's because of these factors," says Kristin Erenburg, an attorney at Walter Haverfield.
Grigori Erenburg & Dennis Lasser, Electronic Limit Order Book and Order Submission Choice Around Macroeconomic News, 18 REV.
Other signed books include rare works by Benois, Erenburg, Kuprin, Sologub and Zorgenfrei.
Results of Erenburg and Wohar (1995), Pereira (2001, 2003), Pereira and Roca-Sagales (2001), Hyder (2002) and Naqvi (2002) showed that public investment crowds in private investment while Pradhan, Ratha and Sarma (1990), Haque and Montiel (1993), Ahmed (1994), Voss (2002) and Narayan (2004) showed that public investment crowds out private investment.
Though the play was a little altered, it was not the result of a struggle with the playwright, or of overcoming him (as occurred in other cases with such authors as Erenburg, Selvinskii, and Vishnevskii).