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n.1.(Physics) Potential energy; negative value of the force function.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Camboxes are very light, made out of a special aluminum alloy named "Ergal" having a great heat dissipation property.
The frames on the pistols seen at TWA all had light alloy Ergal frames, but the maker insists the first production models will feature polymer frames.
Frame is ergal aircraft aluminum alloy, finish is matte brushed electroless nickel and stocks are composite rubber or wood.
Other common materials processed include C40 carbon steel, Ergal aluminium alloy and AVP plastic resin.
Near the end of the book some surprising revelations about the characters and the inner workings of Shiloh's Ergal raise questions about the motives of the Omega Archon leader of the Zygan Empire and the value of individuality and free will weaving some philosophical threads into this brainy offering.
Material from disposable to 5mm PCD inlay stocked 2 3 Full line of standard, large diameters manufactured with "ergal" bodies 4 Manufactured to exact specifications 5 Standard and custom available.
On a sunny morning a pair of pointers named Ergal and Babe joined a Brittany named Mack and guide Ben Dempsey to take me out to fulfill my appointed task.
Overall Length: 6.25 inches Weight: 22 ounces Barrel Length: 2.0 inches Cylinder Capacity: 6 Grips: Hard neoprene Front Sight: Black serrated ramp Rear Sight: U-channel milled in top of frame Frame Material: Ergal (a high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy) MSRP: $749
The heart of the weapon is its Ergal 55 alloy receiver.
905/738-0145 FAX 905/738-4615 2 CNC routers/machines 4 Shapers, plainer, moulders, edgebander multi-head CNC machining center 13 All types of saw machines MDF, circuit board 3 Full line of standard lare diameters manufactured with "ergal" bodies Custom manufacturing to specifications.