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Noun1.Eric Blair - imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)
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Born just seven months before Eric Blair in December 1902, Hollis was one of four sons of an Anglican bishop.
Hiestand - Eric Blair Hie stand, 68, of Eugene, died April 30.
He discusses educating Eric Blair (Orwell's birth name) and Burmese Days; Paris and London; A Clergyman's Daughter, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, and The Road to Wigan Pier; Homage to Catalonia, Coming Up for Air, and the outbreak of war; the Second World War; 1945-46 and Animal Farm, and 1947-49 and Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Alongside putting calls through to the island doctor and coastguard, she also placed calls to author Eric Blair, who wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four under his pen-name George Orwell while living on the island in the years before his death.
When one thinks of the great killers throughout history, smallpox, influenza, measles, and malaria come rapidly to mind, but tuberculosis has killed its share, including Carl Maria von Weber, Nicolo Paganini, and Eric Blair, better known by his pen name George Orwell.
Eric Blair, 57, hit the headlines last year with his R2D2 barbecue.
There are those writers such as Eric Blair and Samuel Clemens who thought they had a better chance of success as George Orwell and Mark Twain respectively.
Orwell, born Eric Blair, worked for the BBC's Eastern Service from 1941-3, beginning his celebrated allegorical work Animal Farm towards the end of his career there.
THE TOPIC: Born Eric Blair in India in 1903, the man who later became famous the world over as the writer George Orwell (he died of tuberculosis in 1950, only months after the publication of 1984) documented his adult life--including such disparate topics as his stint as an imperial officer in Burma, his thoughts on politics and war, his fascination with nature, and a suspenseful wait for his 12 Moroccan hens to lay eggs--in meticulous detail.
His real name was Eric Blair, but he later wrote under the psuedonom George Orwell.
By what name was political novelist Eric Blair better known?
Tye a rentiwyd gan Eric Blair ydyw, neu gwer sy''n fwy cyfarwydd inni fel George Orwell.