Eric the Red

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Er·ic the Red

 (ĕr′ĭk) fl. tenth century.
Norwegian navigator who explored and named Greenland and founded its first Norse settlement (c. 985).

Eric the Red

(Biography) ?940–?1010 ad, Norse navigator: discovered and colonized Greenland; father of Leif Ericson

Er′ic the Red′

(ˈɛr ɪk)
born A.D. c950, Norse mariner: explorer and colonizer of Greenland c985.
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pickeringi were found in 2005, at a place called Eric the Red West, in southern Australia.
Wresters include IWA Wrestling Champion Emeritus Mil Mascaras, plus IWA stars such as Rip Hawk, Bulldog Brower, The Mighty Igor, The Sheik, Bobo Brazil, Thunderbolt Patterson, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Ernie Ladd, Tex McKenzie, Gino Brito and Dino Bravo, The Love Brothers, Eric The Red, Jim Wilson, and Hacksaw Reynolds.
Settled by Eric the Red sailing from Iceland, this Nordic community was inhabited by at least 1,500 or more people from the tenth to the thirteenth century.
Eric the Red was an "entrepreneur" who worked mostly outside the stifling confines of the law, and earned his nickname because he was an ardent supporter of LFC - and, because of gambling debts, he was perpetually in the red.
Written sources credit Eric the Red with founding the Norse settlement in the late 10th century, she says, but the settlement was not viable for climatic, commercial, and demographic reasons, and the Norse settlers left about the middle of the 15th century.
WHEN Eric the Red and his mates discovered Greenland in 986 they hung around for a few years, until the climate changed and it froze over, so they abandoned their occupation and left it all to the Inuit.
ERIC THE RED Joyce is facing the boot from the Labour Party FREEDZ Joyce is driven away from the police station after his night in the cells.
What do these people have in common: Friar Tuck, Julius Caesar, Henry the VIII, Eric the Red and you?
He describes the Mayflower, the founding of Quebec, Cotton Mather, Eric the Red, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allan Poe, Aaron Burr, and other icons, and uses a variety of voices and writing styles to depict America.
About a thousand years ago, Eric the Red and others found Greenland was a green place u that's how it got its name u and it was perfect for their farming and husbandry of animals.
The tenth century settlement of Greenland was founded and ruled by Eric the Red a man kicked out of Norway and Iceland for murderous deeds.
IC says: United found life after Cantona and Ronny isn't loved as much as Eric the Red.