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Noun1.Erica Jong - United States writer (born in 1942)
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Novelist Erica Jong expressed concern about all the "attacks" the president suffered from "the young women in the office.
He made dirty look cleanor as his ingenious counter-crusader, Erica Jong, would say, zipless.
As for an influential book from my younger days, I ran into Erica Jong recently and gushed over Fear of Flying.
This Book champions the literary productions of popular North American authors, including Margaret Atwood, Erica Jong, Alice Walker, Anne Roiphe, and Sara Paretsky, but argues that in general, second-wave feminist novels have been too easily dismissed by literary critics.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Downing Street began the "preparatory work" needed for the release of letters written by the Prince of Wales to government ministers following a decision by the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling which paved the way for their publication BIRTHDAYS: Erica Jong, writer, 74; Bob Woodward, Watergate journalist, 73; Diana Ross, singer, 72; Steven Tyler, rock musician (Aerosmith), 68; Martin Short, actor, 66; Jennifer Grey, actress, 56; William Hague, Conservative politician, 55; Amy Smart, actress, 40; Keira Knightley, actress, 31.
I bought Fear of Dying for its author, Erica Jong (Fear of Flying).
ERICA JONG has just finished chatting with fellow author Joanna Trollope on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, and has tripped across the road from the BBC's Broadcasting House, back to Langham Hotel opposite, to meet me in the bar.
FEAR OF DYING by Erica Jong (Canongate Books, hardback PS16.
Editorial contributors include Erica Jong, Dara Horn, Glenn Frankel, Ethan Bronner, Ilene Prusher, Anne Roiphe, Faye Moskowitz, Marc Fisher and many others.
In an essay about contemporary motherhood in The Wall Street Journal, author Erica Jong concluded, "Do the best you can.
She gathers the wisdom of many wise women including Madeleine L'Engle, Laura Schlessinger, Erica Jong, Rachel Carson, Oprah Winfrey, Harper Lee, Lucille Ball, Mother Teresa, Pearl Buck, Cheri Huber, Julia Child, Drew Barrymore, and many more.