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1. A small mark or sketch engraved in the margin of a plate to indicate its stage of development prior to completion.
2. A print or proof from a plate carrying such a mark.

[French, from remarquer, to remark; see remark.]


(rɪˈmɑːk) or


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a mark in the margin of an engraved plate to indicate the stage of production of the plate. It is removed before the plate is finished
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a plate so marked
3. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a print or proof from a plate so marked
[C19: from French; see remark]


(Biography) Erich Maria (ˈeːrɪç maˈriːa). 1898–1970, US novelist, born in Germany, noted for his novel of World War I, All Quiet on the Western Front (1929)



1. a distinguishing mark indicating a particular stage of an engraved plate.
2. a small sketch engraved in the margin of a plate, and usu. removed after a number of early proofs have been printed.
3. a plate so marked.
[1880–85; < French; see remark]



Erich Maria, 1898–1970, German novelist, in the U.S. after 1939.
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The film was based on an Erich Maria Remarque novel, and Universal Studios, having won an Academy Award in 1930 with its adaptation of Remarque's "All Quiet on the Western Front," was hoping lightning would strike again.
Era ya un poco mayor y, otra vez, mi madre nos llevo al cine, pero esta vez con fines didacticos: exhibian Sin novedad en el frente (de 1930, dirigida por Lewis Milestone), pelicula acerca de la pavorosa e idiota Primera Guerra Mundial, basada en la novela crudamente antibelica del aleman Erich Maria Remarque.
During which war is the Erich Maria Remarque novel All Quiet on the Western Front set?
Erich Maria Remarque is a novelist who has showed unfailing courage to portray the bare realties of the life of military people in the front.
If one takes into account the sheer numbers of World War I remembrances, there are not that many that present the traumatized stories that we see from the hands of Robert Graves, Romain Rolland, and Erich Maria Remarque.
Na analise do romance originalmente escrito em 1929 feita por Carlos Paixao, em seu artigo No front, na fuga, no paraiso: visoes de Erich Maria Remarque sobre a Era da Catastrofe (2011), este argumenta que essa "[.
You have clearly positioned yourself against awarding the Erich Maria Remarque Prize for peace and democracy to Adonis.
German peace prize for Syrian poet Adonis sparks outrage -- The Syrian poet has won another "peace" prize —the e1/425,000 Erich Maria Remarque Prize from the German city of OsnabrE-ck.
Landshoff, ehemaliger Partner Gustav Kiepenheuers, ab 1933 Exilverleger bei Querido und nun Mitinhaber des Verlags Bermann Fischer/Querido in Amsterdam, vermittelte Witsch mit Vicki Baum, Erich Maria Remarque und Heinrich Boll massgebliche literarische Autoren, beriet in verlegerischen Fragen und investierte sein Vermogen, um Witschs Teilhaber zu werden.
The theme for 2014 comes from the book "All Quiet on the Western Front,'' by Erich Maria Remarque.
All Quiet On The Western Front by German writer Erich Maria Remarque was published in 1929 and looked at the war from the viewpoint of the German soldiers.