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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Fornax and Cetus.

[Greek Ēridanos, mythical river associated with the myth of Phaeton.]
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n, Latin genitive Eridani (ɛˈrɪdəˌnaɪ)
(Celestial Objects) a long twisting constellation in the S hemisphere extending from Orion to Hydrus and containing the first magnitude star Achernar
[from Greek Eridanos river in Italy (sometimes identified with the Po) into which, according to legend, Phaëthon fell]
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(ɪˈrɪd n əs)

n. gen. -a•ni (-nˌaɪ)
the River, a large southern constellation between Cetus and Orion.
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Noun1.Eridanus - a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Fornax and Cetus
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334-345) And Tethys bare to Ocean eddying rivers, Nilus, and Alpheus, and deep-swirling Eridanus, Strymon, and Meander, and the fair stream of Ister, and Phasis, and Rhesus, and the silver eddies of Achelous, Nessus, and Rhodius, Haliacmon, and Heptaporus, Granicus, and Aesepus, and holy Simois, and Peneus, and Hermus, and Caicus fair stream, and great Sangarius, Ladon, Parthenius, Euenus, Ardescus, and divine Scamander.
(CSE: RISE, OTCQB: RYES) (the 'Company') announces that it has closed the US$1 M debt financing with Eridanus Capital LLC previously announced in its August 20th, 2019 news release.
(CSE: RISE) (OTCQB: RYES) (the "Company") announces that it has closed the US$1 M debt financing with Eridanus Capital LLC previously announced in its August 20th, 2019 news release.
Celer Network, the blockchain layer-2 scaling platform, has announced the release of its alpha-mainnet, Eridanus, the world's first generalized state channel network, the company said.
Achernar marks the southern end of Eridanus (the River), which meanders high overhead, ending at the feet of Orion the Hunter.
As the chart on the facing page shows, Juno is well placed for observing in Eridanus in November.
The team then applied their method to the recently discovered "ultra-faint" dwarf galaxy, Eridanus II, finding much less dark matter in its centre than many models would have predicted.
It follows the model set by LIGO and the data it collects will prove crucial in zeroing in on the location, which is somewhere in the region centred around the Eridanus constellation.
Pontano is one of the great poets of married love whose De amore coniugali deals in affectionate detail with his wife, Ariane Sassone, to whom he was devoted, yet another collection, Eridanus, is given over to his mistress Stella and another mistress, Focilla, passes through the pages of Baiae.
The detected black hole is 200 million light years from the Earth and is aligned with the constellation Eridanus. It is also 10 times the size of the galaxy estimated by researchers for the black hole.
MACS J0416 is located about 4.3 billion light-years from Earth, in the constellation of Eridanus. This image of the cluster combines data from three different telescopes: the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (showing the galaxies and stars), the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory (diffuse emission in blue), and the NRAO Jansky Very Large Array (diffuse emission in pink).

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