Erigeron annuus

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Noun1.Erigeron annuus - widely naturalized white-flowered North American herbErigeron annuus - widely naturalized white-flowered North American herb
fleabane - any of several North American plants of the genus Erigeron having daisylike flowers; formerly believed to repel fleas
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Two other dominant early successional annuals, Ambrosia artemisiifolia and Erigeron annuus, had hyphal colonization at or above the mean for herbaceous plants.
However, none has examined the both effects of interspecific competition on a worst alien invasive plant Erigeron annuus. In the greenhouse experiments, seedlings of invasive plant E.
(23.) Li X, Pan J, Gao K, [gamma]-Pyranone derivatives and other constituents from Erigeron annuus, Pharmazie 61, 474-477, 2006.
and Erigeron annuus) dominate during the first two years after release from cultivation, perennials (e.g., Symphyotrichum pilosum and Solidago altissima) by year five, and woody plants (e.g., Rubus spp., Rosa spp., Fraxinus americana, and Prunus serotina) after several decades.
0.8 trace trace Foxtail, Setaria faberii 0.8 0.6 2.7 Daisy fleabane, Erigeron annuus 0.8 trace trace Buckwheat, Fagopyrum sagitattum 0.8 trace trace Animal foods Beetle, Coleoptera 5.1 1.0 1.8 Stinkbug, Pentatomidae 5.9 0.2 0.1 Assasin bug, Reduviidae 3.4 trace trace Earthworm, Annelida 0.8 trace trace Snail, Gastropoda 0.8 trace trace Grasshopper, Orthoptera 0.8 trace trace Caterpiller, Lepidoptera 0.8 trace trace Unidentified insects 0.8 trace trace
microstachya -- -- 2.5 (barnyard grass) * Elaeagnus angustifolia (Russian olive) -- -- 2.5 Elymus repens (quack grass) -- 2.5 2.5 Elymus trachycaulus (bearded wheat -- -- 2.5 grass) * (T) Elymus virginicus (Virginia wildrye) * -- -- 15.0 Equisetum arvense (horsetail) * -- -- -- Erigeron annuus (daisy fleabane) * 15.0 2.5 15.0 Erigeron pulchellus var.
Recently, Stratton (1995) demonstrated small-scale variation in selection among genotypes of Erigeron annuus (Asteraceae) and speculated about the potential evolutionary consequences of such fine-grained fitness variation.
Genotype-by-environment interactions for fitness of Erigeron annuus show fine-scale heterogeneity.