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Marina's friend, member of the Union of Cinematographers Erke Dzhumakhmatova demanded the Ministry of Culture to step in and take necessary measures.
Erke MG, Bertelsen G, Peto T, Sjolie AK, Lindekleiv H, Njolstad I.
A number of eminent projects in Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey have already registered to qualify for the GSAS Operations Certification such as the Headquarters of Ministry of Municipality and Environment in Qatar (who also won the Tarsheed Award for Conserving Building Competition in 2017), the Kuwait National Petroleum Company Head Office building and the ERKE Green Academy Head Office building in Istanbul, Turkey.
Erke A, Goldenbeld C, Vaa T: T he effects of drink-driving
com)-- ERKE has launched its newly developed jogging shoes with high shock-absorbing quality besides being soft and comfortable.
Not to be outdone by the top two, the other brands which have managed to bag overseas clients are Qiaodan, Erke 361, Xtep and Adivon.
According to the colophon of the Mongol text, this version was ordered by Ilayuysan Buyan-u Erke Bayayud Bayatur dai qung tayiji, a grandson of Altan Khan of the Turned, and was written down by the monk eos Irgamsu 1= Tib.
For example, we've signed a deal with Chinese company Erke, an organisation with 8,000 retail outlets in China, to launch an Australian Open tennis merchandise range.
It includes brands such as Chinese sportswear ERKE and Uhlsport, a manufacturer of football equipment.
North Korea were surprise qualifiers for the tournament and while the Communist state has previously worn strips made by Chinese manufacturer Erke, they've yet to confirm what they will be wearing in South Africa.
The race was sponsored by Erke sportswear and its proceeds will go toward improving cancer centers and hospitals, where hundreds of children are undergoing chemotherapy.