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v. i.1.To grieve; to feel sad.
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As compared with values the hydrogen peroxide-scavenging activities of MSME were more effective than that of ERME.
Em seguida, procuramos estabelecer um paralelo entre a postura de Erme e a dos Irmaos Campos como tradutores.
And divers in 1993 discovered possible proof of this early form of international trade in the mouth of the nearby River Erme.
El vicepresidente de British Columbia Gas International, Ilka Erme, declaro a The Vancouver Sun que esperaria a ver que ocurre con su apelacion en el caso de Tampico antes de ver si seguira participando en licitaciones.
While I have great appreciation for the insights of Erme Camba and Claude Labrunie, their articles are not documents of the PC(USA) and do not purport to represent the position of our church.
No NLREC officials were available to clarify the protests but lawyer Erme Labayog, provincial legal officer and acting provincial assessor, said the transmission line project had complied with safety and health standards, as well as rules prescribed by building and electricity regulators.
It was while working on a wreck in the Erme Estuary in the 1980s in Devon that Neville found a treasure trove of gold and other artefacts.
The French hamlet of Saint Erme and a pathway in the natural park in Les Arques, which appear in one of Savary's videos, are hardly-extraordinary, but they are not devoid of charm or mystery.
Attendees will obtain a foundation and learn the concepts that expand traditional risk management into an ERMe "for profit" structure.
At around 7am on Saturday Mr Fairbank's body was recovered from the sea at the mouth of the River Erme after being spotted by a military helicopter.
1) The same issue, guest-edited by Gannaway, contains complementary articles that explore aspects of partnership by Bishop Erme Camba of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Dr.