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Noun1.Ernest Hemingway - an American writer of fiction who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1954 (1899-1961)
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"Martha Gellhorn would probably have said she didn't want a blue plaque outside her flat, but in fact I think she'd have been really pleased" Journalist John Simpson at the unveiling of the plaque outside the London flat where US war correspondent, who covered conflicts from the Spanish Civil War to Vietnam and was married to Ernest Hemmingway, lived for the last 28 years of her life.
Some, like American author Ernest Hemmingway, focussed on the beauty of our nature and wildlife.
If Ernest Hemmingway were alive today, he might make his home here, rather than Cuba, and the Old Man and the Sea might have played out closer to Victoria than Havana.
Alone We Fight (2018) opens with a prologue about the fighting in Hurtgen Forest and ends with an Ernest Hemmingway quote on the subject.
A Anthony Burgess B Kingsley Amis C George Orwell D Ernest Hemmingway 11.
Ernest Hemmingway summed up the city with its magical cafe culture in the delightful book The Moveable Feast, an account of his years in Paris.
Dorothy Parker Ernest Hemmingway Dylan Thomas Carson McCullers Charles Bukowski Marguerite Duras Jack Kerouac Truman Capote Hunter S Thompson Stephen King Eileen Myles Michelle Tea Chelsey Clammer And on and on...
The news of his demise makes his contemporaries feel like they are the next ones for whom the bell tolls (to borrow the title of the 1940 novel by Ernest Hemmingway).
Follow in the exploratory footsteps of Ernest Hemmingway by setting out across the plains of Kenya, where you can intermingle with wildebeest and zebras on a thrilling game drive in the Masai Mara and then dine by moonlight against the most spectacular backdrop imaginable.
Scott Fitzgerald (with Zelda for spark), Ernest Hemmingway, Georgia Okeefe.
The Ritz Hotel Paris' fame is in part due to its famous guests, which have included Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemmingway. Most recently, the Ritz in Paris was the last place that Princess Diana stayed before the incident that lead to her death in 1997.