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Noun1.E. O. Lawrence - United States physicist who developed the cyclotron (1901-1958)
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Globe Telecom was represented by its president and chief executive officer, Ernest Lawrence Cu.
Guests included Werner Heisenberg, Ernest Lawrence, Niels Bohr, and Enrico Fermi.
After his graduation in the fall of 1943, he was hired by Ernest Lawrence for work in experimental particle physics at the (now Lawrence) Radiation Laboratory at UC Berkeley.
Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention that Launched the Military-Industrial Complex.
Big Science: Ernest Lawrence, the Cyclotron, and the Birth of the Military-Industrial Complex
Hiltzik's latest book is not a straightforward biography of Ernest Lawrence but, rather, a study of how science served political ends at a particular point in American history.
Lawrencium, named after Ernest Lawrence, the inventor of the cyclotron, is transient and extremely difficult to make.
The title of this piece is adapted from the last lines of the classic sports poem "Casey at Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Taylor.