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Noun1.Ernst Lubitsch - German filmmaker of sophisticated comedies (1892-1947)
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Directed by Ernst Lubitsch and released in 1940, this film tells the story of a shop clerk (Jimmy Stewart) who works in a tiny Budapest department store.
Among them are films from well-known names like Fritz Lang, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Georg Wilhelm Pabst and Ernst Lubitsch. In other cases, their films were short works that didn't suggest they would later become stars.
Inspired by Ernst Lubitsch's 1932 classic film Broken Lullaby, Frantz explores the cultural and personal toll of war following World War I.
De Mille, Ernst Lubitsch, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Fritz Lang, Max Ophuls, Douglas Sirk, Raoul Walsh, Jacques Tourneur, Josef von Sternberg, Orson Welles, Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, and Jerry Lewis; the origins and development of auteur cinephilia and examples of films capturing sublime moments; and the changing nature of Hollywood and the auteur from the late 1970s, with the rise of directors like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
"Florence Foster Jenkins" the comedy-drama about the New York socialite who thought she was a great soprano, marked his fifth collaboration with British director Stephen Frears, whom he considers the modern successor to Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch. Desplat earned Oscar nominations for Frears' "The Queen" and "Philomena."
Under BUFA, Universum Film AG was founded in 1917 and became the well-known UFA company, still operating, whose most famous early directors were Fritz Lang and Ernst Lubitsch. The last significant event in the life of Discovery was its submission to the Censorship office in 1924; its report includes the text of all the intertitles of the shortened version submitted.
Charlie Chaplin, Ernst Lubitsch and the "South Park'' guys have all tried before to find comedy in the shadow of evil and thereby do a little to disarm it.
On 3 October 1918--a little more than a month before Germany and the Allies signed the Armistice of Compiegne, revolution broke out in the German capital, and Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and fled to the Netherlands--Berlin audiences settled into their seats in the Union-Theater am Kurfurstendamm to view the Universum Film Aktien Gesellschaft (UFA) release of Ernst Lubitsch's Die Augen der Mumie Ma (1918; hereafter, The Eyes of the Mummy, so released in the United States on 25 June 1922).
In fact, during the mid 1930s, the director of sophisticated comedies, Ernst Lubitsch, even was appointed Paramount's production manager.