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Noun1.erogenous zone - any area of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation
region, area - a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve; "in the abdominal region"
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zona erògena
zona erógena
zone érogène
erogén zóna
erogeninė zona
zona erógena
zonă erogenă
erogena cona
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Lastly, passionate French kissing and manual or oral touching of multiple erogenous zones surely will heighten the sexual intensity in the initiation of foreplay.
Moreover, 13 percent of those surveyed said they had been touched by their co-workers on their genital area and erogenous zones. Twenty-four percent said they had suffered "light physical contact".
This is because it requires a "new way of thinking about your climax" and depends heavily on your sexual awareness, knowledge of your body and erogenous zones and the physical and mental mechanisms that trigger pleasure.
It is sexy and simple and shows off her shapely shoulders and back (fashion's latest erogenous zones).
FARAGE'S current ability to tickle the erogenous zones of large sections of the body politic is undisputed.
On one wall, Caland's lurid biomorph ic abstractions appeared to shove enormous bodies into the shallowest of picture planes, emphasizing sexual organs and erogenous zones, as in two playful self-portraits from 1973--all flattened flesh and posterior curves--or the more compositionally complex Elle et Lui (Her and Him), 1978.
This stimulates nerve endings along these sensitive erogenous zones. Keep it simple - You may be nervous slipping between the sheets with a new partner but they feel the same too.
Raw ginger increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones.
They spend time introducing each of the erogenous zones, discussing how to engage your partner's primal sense (by nuzzling into your lover's armpit, for example, massaging the Achilles tendon, or fondling the inside of his or her elbow).
2: A story in Cosmopolitan magazine with the headline "Discover Your 10 Secret Erogenous Zones."
Massage can be amazing foreplay so move gradually towards her erogenous zones. It's a technique she wont get at a spa!
With observations about contemporary feminism, masculine sensitivity and the erogenous zones, Defending the Caveman is not just for male theatre-goers - it has both sexes laughing in recognition as they identify themselves in the tales being told.