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Noun1.soil erosion - the washing away of soil by the flow of watersoil erosion - the washing away of soil by the flow of water
eating away, eroding, erosion, wearing, wearing away - (geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)
washout, wash - the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway); "from the house they watched the washout of their newly seeded lawn by the water"
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The development of tourism facilities, such as accommodation, water supplies, restaurants and recreation facilities, can involve sand mining, beach and sand erosion, soil erosion and extensive paving.
Quine TA, Zhang Y (2002) An investigation of spatial variation in soil erosion, soil properties, and crop production within an agricultural field in Devon, United Kingdom.
It will also serve as strategic small-scale structure for the prevention of soil erosion, soil nutrient loss and flooding of low-lying areas.
It has been grouped into five classes: water erosion, wind erosion, soil fertility decline, salinization and water logging.
Now we need to study the effects of cover cropping on land that is not drained by subsurface tiles, as well as how cover cropping affects phosphorus loss, erosion, soil organic matter, and soil quality," Malone says.
Given the continued growth of irrigation activities in Nigeria in response to the growing population and national support for irrigated agriculture, such as the case of fadama project amongst others, and the elevated national priority given to environmental and water quality protection, which is strongly linked to erosion, soil erosion in irrigated farms then becomes a major problem.
Keywords: CORINE, Rawal watershed, risk maps, soil erosion, soil loss
An increase in erosion, soil sealing, acidification and pollution in the EU during the period 1990-2006 have had a serious effect on the EU's food-producing capacity, as well as its ability to fight drought and flooding, biodiversity loss and climate change.
Efforts should be made to adopt the GIS, with the aim of counteracting the negative effects of development, such as soil erosion, soil salinity, soil pollution and flooding.
And it is damning of the authority's assertion that overgrazing by sheep is a main cause of erosion, soil compaction and plant loss.
At the ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory, one research area focuses on how erosion, soil runoff, and urban and industrial activities affect water quality.
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