parity checking

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par´i`ty check`ing

n.1.(Computers) The process of performing a parity check.
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Ars Technica has an excellent write-up on IBM's error-checking implementation, but the gist is this: The probability of a "wrong" answer in quantum computing is much higher than in classical computing, which means robust error checking must be baked into such systems from the get-go.
This time once again in the Formula Auditing group on the FORMULAS tab, select Error Checking, Circular References, $AD$60 (see "Finding the Circular References").
The drag and drop scheduling system includes error checking and The standard model is $4,995.
Additionally, the dosing unit provides automatic error checking using a variety of sensors to check for:
8 mm, and they support Error Checking and Correction (ECC) necessary for high-end server applications.