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Noun1.margin of error - the margin required in order to insure safetymargin of error - the margin required in order to insure safety; "in engineering the margin of safety is the strength of the material minus the anticipated stress"
margin - an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"
index - a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number
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Error margin is estimated to be approximately +- 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.
William Blair analyst Matt Phipps believes increasing enrollment of Biogen's Phase III trials of aducanumab in prodromal Alzheimer's disease to ensure appropriate powering and confidence interval error margin, which caused yesterday's share selloff, is "prudent and not unusual.
The difference between the two parties and the change in its ratings has been within the error margin for the past four months.
The expected error margin is estimated to be approximately +- 3-5 per cent at 95 per cent confidence level.
Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi said that the country's armed forces have test-fired a 2000-km range ballistic missile, and an error margin of eight meters, Fars news agency reported.
Results of the latest BusinessWorld-SWS Pre-election Survey conducted last March 4-7 via face-to-face interviews with 1,800 validated voters and with a 2-point sampling error margin, was published on May 13 at BusinessWorld.
Clinton has a very narrow advantage among all independents, at 45-39 - a six-point difference that is within the poll's error margin.
The Datafolha poll was based on interviews with 2,840 people Wednesday and Thursday and had an error margin of 2 percentage points.
The predicted onset date has an error margin of four days, according to an IMD statement.
The poll was conducted in the West Bank and Gaza Strip between March 20-22, and had a three percent error margin.
The latest Pulse Asia survey said their respondent base has a [+ or -] 3 percent error margin and 95 percent confidence level.
The poll questioned 1,200 adults in the West Bank and Gaza between November 13-17 and has an error margin of 3.