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(Biography) Thomas, 1st Baron. 1750–1823, Scottish lawyer: noted as a defence advocate, esp in cases involving civil liberties


(ˈɜr skɪn)

John, 1879–1951, U.S. novelist and essayist.
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Erskine of Treadley, an old gentleman of considerable charm and culture, who had fallen, however, into bad habits of silence, having, as he explained once to Lady Agatha, said everything that he had to say before he was thirty.
Erskine moved round, and taking a chair close to him, placed his hand upon his arm.
Erskine was counsel for the defendants; Lord Ellenborough was the judge.
Chichester Erskine, author of a tragedy entitled 'The Patriot Martyrs,' dedicated with enthusiastic devotion to the Spirit of Liberty and half a dozen famous upholders of that principle, and denouncing in forcible language the tyranny of the late Tsar of Russia, Bomba of Naples, and Napoleon the Third?
Yes, sir," said Erskine, reddening; for he felt that this description might make his drama seem ridiculous to those present who had not read it.
Then he nodded to Sir Charles, waved his hand familiarly to Erskine, and followed the procession, which was by this time out of sight.
Erskine had discreetly slipped away, and was in the road, tightening a screw in his bicycle.
And she went off at a canter, Erskine following her with a misgiving that his visit was unfortunately timed.
Historical records featuring admissions registers of ex-serviceman cared for by veterans' charity Erskine after the First World War have gone online.
The Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre for veterans in Bishopton will open at a later date.
Emma, a care assistant, fell in love with Erskine after becoming pen pals with him via the website writeaprisoner.
1 The winner, the Erskine House Tree, is sandwiched between Belfast City Hospital and Queen's University and, in terms of height, could give the buildings a run for their money.