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 (âr′o͝ov, ĕr′-)
n. pl. er·u·vin (-o͝o-vĭn′) or er·u·vim (-o͝o-vĭm′) or er·uvs Judaism
A symbolic enclosure, marked by preexisting walls or by cord or wire strung on posts, nominally converting public space into private space and so permitting activities that would otherwise be prohibited on the Sabbath.

[Post-Biblical Hebrew 'êrûb, verbal noun of 'ērēb, to mix, mingle (from the fact that under Halachic law the separate households in the eruv are considered to be a single household, or mingled ), from Hebrew 'ēreb, mixture; see ʕrb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈɛəruːv; ˈɛruːv)
(Judaism) Judaism an area, circumscribed by a symbolic line, within which certain activities forbidden to Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath are permitted
[C20: from Hebrew, literally: mixture, mixing]