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or Er·y·man·thus  (ĕr′ə-măn′thəs, -thŏs, ĕ-rē′män-thôs′)
A mountain range of southern Greece in the northwest Peloponnesus. The tallest peak is Mount Erymanthos, 2,224 m (7,297 ft) high. In Greek legend, the range was the haunt of the ferocious Erymanthian boar, which was ultimately slain by Hercules.

Er′y·man′thi·an adj.
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(Placename) Mount Erymanthus a mountain in SW Greece, in the NW Peloponnese. Height: 2224 m (7297 ft). Modern Greek name: Erímanthos
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(ˌɛr əˈmæn θəs)

a mountain in S Greece, in the NW Peloponnesus. 7295 ft. (2225 m).
Greek, Erimanthos.
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As the huntress Diana goes forth upon the mountains of Taygetus or Erymanthus to hunt wild boars or deer, and the wood nymphs, daughters of Aegis-bearing Jove, take their sport along with her (then is Leto proud at seeing her daughter stand a full head taller than the others, and eclipse the loveliest amid a whole bevy of beauties), even so did the girl outshine her handmaids.
For the fourth labor, Eurystheus ordered Hercules to capture the vicious Erymanthian Boar, a menacing beast that would descend from its lair on the mountain of Erymanthus each day, trampling the farmlands and attacking man and beast.
Only four of the twelve labors are depicted: the Cretan Bull, the Nemean Lion, the Wild Boar of Erymanthus, and the Mares of Diomedes (fig.