Erythrina lysistemon

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Noun1.Erythrina lysistemon - small semi-evergreen tree of South Africa having dense clusters of clear scarlet flowers and red seeds
coral tree, erythrina - any of various shrubs or shrubby trees of the genus Erythrina having trifoliate leaves and racemes of scarlet to coral red flowers and black seeds; cultivated as an ornamental
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Different erythrinaline alkaloids have been isolated from the flowers and pods of Erythrina lysistemon, and among them the new compounds are (+)-11[beta]-hydroxyerysotramidine, (+)11[beta]-hydroxyerysotrine N-oxide (69), and two C-11 epimers (70 and 71), (+)-11[beta]-methoxyerysotramidine N-oxide (72), (+)-11[beta]-hydroxyerysotrine, and 11-dehydroerysotrine (73).