Escalante River

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Es·ca·lan·te River

A river, about 135 km (85 mi) long, of southern Colorado flowing southeast to the Colorado River at Lake Powell.
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After leaving the Cathedral, we motored a few more miles up the Escalante River and hiked barefoot into the lower reaches of Davis Gulch, a deep slot canyon where in 1934 the artist and traveler Everett Ruess wandered with a train of burros, and disappeared, never to be seen again.
The town, a remote community of fewer than 800 souls perched on a high desert plain around a trickle of water called the Escalante River, is surrounded on all sides by the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, two million federally protected acres of rugged, visually breathtaking sandstone wilderness larger than the state of Delaware.
Richness of aquatic-invertebrate genera in Calf Creek (a mesic groundwater stream) was 1.2 times greater than the Escalante River (a flood-prone perennial stream) and similar to Boulder Creek (a perennial runoff stream) after 30 samples (Fig.
EXPLORE This spring, you can choose from three Sierra Club backpack trips in the Glen Canyon region, exploring the sandstone, petroglyphs, and cool waters of Dark Canyon Wilderness, Paria Canyon--Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, or side canyons of the Escalante River. For more information, and other South-west trips, go to, or contact Sierra Club Outings, 85 Second St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105; (415) 977-5522.
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument encompasses some amazingly rugged territory in three broad geographic regions (from west to east): the Grand Staircase, the Kaiparowits Plateau, and the Escalante River watershed.
But by early 1935, search parties were combing along the Escalante River. Chocolate and Cockleburrs were found grazing in Davis Gulch; remnants of a campsite were uncovered farther down the canyon.
During Easter week in 1965, two dozen people paid a farewell visit to the lower Escalante River on the Colorado Plateau.
Two short backpacks into Hackberry Canyon to the Escalante River drainage will allow our group to work with Bureau of Land Management staff on a variety of projects.
To help you plan a trip into the monument, we've focused on its two most accessible regions - the painted cliffs of the Grand Staircase in the southwest and the canyons of the Escalante River in the northeast - and the roads into each area.
The Escalante River meanders through some of southern Utah's most specatular, unspoiled redrock wilderness.
For the next 30 miles we descend 3,500 feet, hiking, scrambling, and swimming our way to the Escalante River through a magnificent slot canyon, One layover day is planned.
My friend Leon and I faced this riparian pentathlon one April on southern Utah's Escalante River. When we reached the Escalante after driving one of the most dramatic routes in America, down Utah Highway 12 from Boulder Mountain--where bare aspens waited patiently for spring and a lone coyote stared at us from a snowfield--we searched for any sign of a river moving between its banks.